The WISE Way

We are a full-service landscape management company that began back in 2009. Over the last 10 years, we have continued to grow and develop a great reputation in the community for reliable & trustworthy service. We have also built a great clientele with corporate companies, property management groups, and residential clients around the Charlotte market.

We pride ourselves in the "Wise Way. Being WILLING to do whatever it takes, having INTEGRITY, maintaining SAFETY with employees & clients, and providing EXCELLENCE in all we do. As our team has grown and the Wise Way has become our culture, we have seen the impact on the community and clients we serve.

Our goal is to not simply do a job, but to do the job well and build client rapport & referrals along the way.

As a team, we focus on teamwork. We look for team-minded individuals that understand the importance of maintaining a strong unit. “When we ROW together we GROW together.” This is done by clear and concise communication from the head. I enjoy speaking to the individuals I am so fortunate to work with. I want to be a positive impact on their lives and family. Our goal is to not simply do a job but to do the job well and develop client rapport & referrals along the way.


Wise Cut Landscaping is willing to do whatever it takes for our team, customers, and company to succeed. No matter the project or scale, we make certain that every landscape is our best landscape yet!


We operate in a spirit of integrity. We love feedback and if we mess up, we will own our mistakes and make them right, because at the end of the day we want you to love your property.


At the end of the day, it’s our goal to keep our team, customers, and equipment safe. We do this by continual training and staying up to date on the best on-site practices.


We have the ability to see and know if we have done an amazing job. Our industry is special in that we can see the difference from when we arrive to when we finish. Our goal is to “Win the Day” one property at a time.

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